The conclusions of the survey performed by Pereira Passos Institute (IPP) and Instituto TIM were released at an event on December 18th, at the City of Arts’ Chamber Theatre, in Rio de Janeiro. The occasion also marked the graduation of 100 youths from underprivileged communities in Rio who were responsible for field data collection.

In partnership with IPP, a Rio de Janeiro City Government organism, Instituto TIM financed the survey with a view to learn more about the aspects of the lives of youths in 10 pacified communities in Rio. 6,000 households were visited and their inhabitants interviewed by scholars from the communities themselves, who received financial aid, participated in training and used an app developed by Instituto TIM to collect data. The survey encompassed themes of specific interest to young people, such as sport, culture, access to loans and entrepreneurship.

According to Eduarda La Rocque, IPP president, by tracing the profile and interests of young people from pacified communities, the survey will contribute towards the development of public policies and private enterprise investments. Some of the conclusions following data collection were that 19% of the youths interviewed had children (27% amongst women); 12.4% of them are from the Northeastern region of Brazil; and 17% are responsible for their households. With regard to schooling, most of the youths interviewed had not completed Primary School (37.3%) or High School (31.9%).

In addition to the young people responsible for the survey and their families, the event was also attended by the project’s team and representatives from Instituto TIM and IPP.