On December 17th, the Mapas Culturais platform was launched in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where it was implemented under the name of Mapa da Cultura – RS. A large number of people attended the launching ceremony, held at the São Pedro Theater Multistage Complex, in Porto Alegre-RS, during the II Culture Journey – an initiative of the Rio Grande do Sul State Department of Culture during which the government launched invitation for bid to the industry and accounted for its main initiatives in the last four years.

“Since we started, we have discussed a page with this characteristic, so that the State and cultural sectors could had more interaction with the population. Those living in small town know what there is and what there is not in their town, so this will be an essential tool for the culture of Rio Grande do Sul,” said the deputy secretary of culture, Jéferson Assumção.

Among the authorities present were the coordinator of Cooperation and International Relations Advisory of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Tarson Nuñez; the director of Economy of Culture, Denise Viana; and the vice president of PROCERGS (Data Processing Company of the State of Rio Grande do Sul), Cláudio Dutra.

Rio Grande do Sul is the first state to adopt Mapas Culturais, a free software digital platform for culture management and collaborative mapping developed by Instituto TIM to be used freely by the public culture administrators. The tool is already in use in São Paulo, where it is named SP Cultura, and can be accessed here.


Photo credit: Leandro Osório