The young researchers that took part in the Agentes da Transformação project in 2014 presented the data collected in 7 pacified communities in Rio de Janeiro on December 19th, at a ceremony held in the Sérgio Menge Auditorium, at the Planetary Foundation, in Rio de Janeiro. The occasion was also used to celebrate the graduation of the 70 young researchers, who received certificates for participating in the project – fruit of a partnership with Pereira Passos Institute (IPP), an entity linked to Rio de Janeiro City Government. From this point on, the conclusion made in the research will be presented to other municipal, state and federal administration entities.

The event began with a brief presentation about Agentes da Transformação and a few words from Instituto TIM representative Anna Carolina Meireles and the IPP chief of Staff, Daniela Góes. There was a general presentation of the data collected and seven specific presentations, one about each of the communities studied (Mangueira, Manguinhos, São João, Salgueiro, Batan, Fogueteiro/Santa Teresa and Santa Marta). After presenting the findings, the youths received certificates and were invited to visit the Galileo Galilei planetarium.

To undertake the research, the youths – who were selected among residents of the studied communities – took part in theoretical and practical courses and learned how to use the Para Pesquisa research app, developed by Instituto TIM. Throughout 2014, they applied 3,500 questionnaires among other youths from their communities. The information collected was tabulated and can be used by public authority and private initiative to assist in decision-making processes regarding the pacified communities of Rio de Janeiro.

Among the conclusions, research from the Agentes da Transformação project showed that 43% of youths aged between 18 and 24 from the 7 communities researched study and 43% work. Among the working youths, 41.8% are employed full-time and 19.2% are part of the Young Apprentice Program.

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