Comitê para a Democratização da Informática (CDI) – an organization founded in 1995 that has the support of Instituto TIM – is one of the 100 most influential NGOs in the world, according to Swiss entity Global Geneva (formerly known as The Global Journal). CDI was placed 94th in the annual ranking of the entity, which measures the impact and influence of organizations and to what extent they can mobilize resources for a cause. Three other Brazilian NGOs also appear in the list: Saúde Criança (21st), Viva Rio (57th) and Instituto da Criança (84th).

“This result puts CDI among leading global organizations,” explains the CEO of CDI, Marcel Fukayama. “A benchmark worldwide as a social organization that even after 20 years in the cause continues to innovate and seek to expand impact and scale,” he added. The organization Doctors Without Borders was the first of the list.

This was the third consecutive time that CDI has appeared in the ranking. According to Marcel, Geneva Global contacts them every year and send a kind of evaluation to measure impact, uptake capacity, organization size, social impact on its activities, territorial action, among other dimensions. Instituto TIM supports CDI Mobilidade, carried out by CDI in communities of Rio de Janeiro.