On May 8th, the platform Lugares da Cultura, a Mapas Culturais deployment for the city of São José dos Campos-SP, was launched at an event at Cine Santana. Around 280 people attended, including the president of the Cassiano Ricardo Cultural Foundation, Alcemir Palma, and the president of Instituto TIM, Manoel Horacio. Others present included representatives from SESC, SESI, the Municipal Forum of Culture and the Jacareí Cultural Foundation, from Jacareí-SP.

“This is an agile mechanism for cultural mapping in São José dos Campos. I think this is a very innovative move, as the city will only benefit from this tool,” reiterated Palma. Henry Durante, from the Regional Representation of the Ministry of Culture, emphasized the importance of platforms like Mapas Culturais. According to Durante, one of the roles of public authority is to provide means for society to publish information and leverage articulation. The public watched a demonstration on the use of the platform and videos produced by the Cassiano Ricardo Cultural Foundation.

The evening also celebrated the creation of the São José dos Campos Municipal Cultural Fund, with certificates awarded to members of winning projects of the call for funding. Both the Municipal Cultural Fund and the Mapas Culturais/Lugares da Cultura platform are initiatives by the city to complete its Municipal Culture System, the first goal of the National Culture Plan.

The event program was brought to a close with a film marathon.