The journalist Nathalia Santos, who has worked at GloboNews and at Rede Globo’s “Esquenta!” TV show, was elected as drum godmother of the Bateria do Instituto TIM (Instituto TIM Drumming Band). The 24-year-old carioca is visually impaired and very involved in disclosing the social inclusion issue. The first participation of Nathalia in a presentation of the Bateria was on February 11th, in the Bateria do Instituto TIM’s Pre-Carnival. On February 18th, she received the sash of drum godmother during the participation of the Bateria in Mini Bloco. Both events took place at Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

The Bateria do Instituto TIM’s Pre-Carnival was held at Artur da Távola Municipal Reference Center for Rio de Janeiro Music, where the Bateria rehearsals are carried out. The percussionists, conducted by Mestre Mangueirinha, presented a repertoire with sambas and traditional Carnival songs for an audience of approximately 100 people.

The Bateria’s third participation in Mini Bloco – children’s Carnival block in the Tijuca neighborhood – was held at Xavier de Brito Square and gathered an audience of about 3 thousand people. The Bateria’s presentation was divided in two parts of 45 minutes each. The first part consisted of children’s songs in Carnival rhythm, like “Sapo cururu”, “Escravos de Jó” and “Marcha soldado”. Sambas and traditional Carnival songs marked the repertoire of the second part: “A voz do morro”, “Tristeza”, “Bandeira branca”, “Ó abre alas”, among others. 52 members of the Bateria, among percussionists, monitors, musicians, a Brazilian Sign Language interpreter and Mestre Mangueirinha, participated.

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