The numbers of distance education in Brazil grow every year. The last EAD Brazil Census, conducted in 2015 by the Brazilian Association for Distance Education (ABED), registered an increase of over 1 million students enrolled in courses in this modality, compared with 2014 (find the analytical report of the Census here). Recently, a survey conducted by CONECTAí Express (an IBOPE initiative) showed that open courses lead the preference among online courses: out of the total number of respondents who have attended an online course, 56% have attended open courses.

The survey was conducted in June 2017 with 2 thousand internet users from all over the country. Out of this number, 44% reported they had already attended an online course – a more frequent answer among respondents from the North and Midwest regions and from classes A and B. Another interesting fact is that 35% of respondents attended an undergraduate or post-graduate course through the internet. Check out the types of courses most mentioned in the survey in the chart below:


The preference for open courses was also registered in the EAD Brazil Census 2015. Out of the approximately 5 million distance-learning students, around 3.9 million took open courses – an increase of almost 1.1 million in comparison with 2014. Most of the open courses accessed were related to professional initiation. According to the CONECTAí Express survey, the advantages of distance learning courses most observed by respondents, when compared to classroom courses, are the flexibility of access to education and the autonomy so that each student organizes the timetables and places of study according to their needs.

TIM Tec platform is part of this context, with open, online and free courses aimed at professional and technological education. Users register on the platform and can attend the courses when, where and at the pace they want. Access the platform and check out the full list of courses.


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