Over 100 people attended the launch of the platform Mapa Cultural de Pernambuco, the deployment of Mapas Culturais in the state. The event was held on October 25th at the Museum of the State of Pernambuco (MEPE), in Recife, and brought together authorities, cultural agents, artists, cultural advisers, among other interested parties. The event was also attended by the state secretary of Culture, Marcelino Granja; the president of the Foundation of the Historical and Artistic Heritage of Pernambuco (Fundarpe), Márcia Souto; the executive secretary of the State Department of Culture, Silvana Meirelles; and the representative of Instituto TIM Daniel Moreira.

“We have before us a very powerful instrument that can make a great contribution to the public policy of culture of the state and municipalities,” the secretary said. He also revealed the next step of the launch: an advertising campaign to encourage cultural agents, producers and artists to collaborate with the platform. “Mapa Cultural de Pernambuco is the construction of a path that will only be possible if it is really collaborative, with the participation of the civil society,” the Fundarpe’s president said.

Marcelino Granja, Pernambuco’s state secretary of Culture; Silvana Meirelles, executive secretary of the State Department of Culture; Daniel Moreira, representative of Instituto TIM; and Márcia Souto, president of Fundarpe.

Silvana Meirelles said that the platform will contribute to the articulation among several fields, but she highlighted three: tourism, the academic field and public management. “We finally managed to win the first stage of a challenge that has been faced in the field of cultural policy for years, which is having a database with complete information,” she said. Daniel Moreira, on his turn, talked about the creation of Mapas Culturais and reinforced the importance of the participation of everyone for the success of the tool.

The coordinator of Mapa Cultural de Pernambuco, Tiago Montenegro, presented the functionalities of the platform and navigated through the sections to demonstrate its functioning. The tool already has over 200 agents and about 130 spaces registered. The intention is that, soon, the platform will also be used for enrollment in state calls and public notices. The launch event also counted on the presentation of DJ Pepe Jordão, the opening of the photographic exhibition “Rescuing traditional construction methods of the Northeast” and a free visit to the exhibition “Frida and Diego: a smile at the end of the road”.

Pernambuco is the seventh state to launch its deployment of Mapas Culturais, in addition to the Federal District. Dozens of municipalities and the Ministry of Culture (MinC) have also joined the solution, which is now made available via SaaS (Software as Service) by MinC.

Photos by: Jan Ribeiro/Secult PE/ Fundarpe



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