The teams of the Mapas Culturais project, the Ministry of Culture (MinC) and the Research, Development and Innovation Laboratory in Interactive Media (Media Lab) from the Federal University of Goiás (UFG) met on March 21st, 22nd and 23rd to discuss technical issues of the Mapas Culturais software, address questions and improve its documentation. The goal of the meeting was to train Media Lab developers, who will be responsible, in partnership with MinC, for executing the project work plan over the next 18 months, and facilitating the incorporation of new developers to the Mapas Culturais Network.

The meeting was held at the Media Lab in Goiânia, and mediated by the researcher Leonardo Germani. The work followed a standard that had been developed previously with the collaboration of all people involved. Among the points discussed, there were specific doubts about the operation of the software, its documentation, permission methods and usability bottlenecks. Articulators and trainers of the Network also contributed by pointing out which were the issues that must be prioritized based on what happens in the meetings of Mapas Culturais formation with public managers.

The developers also talked about the new entity Opportunities. With it, it is possible to make public notes, but it also allows to carry out any kind of registration for anything – for example, a form for using a space. The new functionality has open source and was developed in a partnership between the Department of Culture of the State of Ceará, Instituto Mutirão and Hacklab. It has already been absorbed by the MinC’s platform Mapa da Cultura.

Attended the meeting Gustavo Lima da Silva, Miguel Castro (team Mapas Culturais) and Rafael Chaves Freitas (Hacklab), responsible for solving doubts and presenting the software code; Christian Miranda, Marcus Souza, Pedro Philipe Oliveira and Ricardo Carvalho (MinC); Leonardo Germani, Asafe Ramos, Erick Ungarelli, Johan Pedro, Rodrigo Guimarães, Rondelly Soares Cavulla and Vinicius Nunes (UFG).



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