University students with an entrepreneurial spirit and who want to transform their Final Projects (TCC) into a technology-based startup can already enroll in the 2020 Academic Working Capital program. May participate groups of 2 to 4 students, all over 18 years of age, in which at least one of the members – the author of the TCC that will give rise to the startup – is enrolled in the final phase of the graduation. Applications must be submitted by 08/19 through the website

In its 5th edition, AWC comes with news and a new evaluation criterion: the project’s contribution to Brazil’s challenges in a post-Pandemic society of COVID-19. “Times of crisis bring many opportunities on new ground. Habits have changed,” says AWC general coordinator and University of São Paulo professor, Marcos Barretto. “This year, the young man or woman who enters the labor market will find an even more complex situation of employability. A good alternative is to become an entrepreneur, because there is no day, nor time, for that.”

Another big difference from 2020 AWC is the timetable. Workshop I, which opens activities, begins at the end of August, and the cycle will extend until May 2021, when the Investment Fair takes place – a date that also marks the beginning of 2021 AWC. “We’re moving to a May to May cycle, to take some of the energy from the class that ends and insert that energy into the group that is coming,” explains Barretto.

All workshops will be online, with the exception of Workshop V, which precedes the Investment Fair. The program will be divided into two stages: the first goes until the end of 2020, in which the groups will seek to validate their business vision and find their problem market fit, and the other, which takes place in 2021, involving the prototyping and business development phase.


Team responsible for Clara, a robot that increases precision and reduces risks in laparoscopic surgery, at 2019 AWC Investment Fair


How to apply
To apply, the groups must guarantee their registration by filling in the Registration form at Then, it is time to set up the proposal and organize the necessary documents, which should be sent through the form Send your documents, on the same page.

The proposal should be clearly characterized as a TCC aimed at establishing an innovative startup. The project may be either a technology idea whose application in the market is not yet quite clear, or an application idea that still needs to better develop the technology in order to be feasible.

Each proposal comprises four documents:

  • Description of the Proposal, with summaries and descriptions of the product or service and business vision of the group.
  • Proof of enrollment of the group leader in the subject of the TCC project or statement that he/she will start the course of the subject in 2020.
  • Declaration of Agreement signed by each member of the group.
  • Video presenting the project and the group and demonstrating the entrepreneurial attitude of the members and the technological innovation differential of the product or service.

Proposals must be sent by 08/19. The selection board will choose the best between 08/20 and 08/23 and the result will be published on the AWC website on 08/24. To see the complete timetable, go to the program website. To learn more about the selection process, see the public notice (in portuguese).