Support innovation is one of the methods countries have at their disposal to keep themselves at the forefront and their competitiveness, especially in Science and Technology. One of the most important strategies in this kind of support is the incentive to the creation of innovative technology-based companies. Brazil has several incentive programs for the creation of this kind of company; however, most initiatives are focused on groups of professionals with considerable experience and already organized within a formal corporate structure. Academic Working Capital provides support to college students so they can develop their products and design their business during their final college projects in the end of their undergraduate studies – a period of time that is not served by most promotion initiatives in Brazil.

The program aims at funding college students during the execution of their Final Projects. In order to apply for this aid, students must submit their proposals, which are analysed by a group of specialists that will choose the ones that are most in tune with the scope of the initiative. The selected college students receive financial support so they can develop their prototypes, receive assistance in technical matters to develop and enhance their projects, as well as in the structuring of their business models and production systems.

These consultancy services are provided in workshops (where all the participants get together and participate in group activities) and by means of the follow-up of the entire prototype development process. At the end, the projects are presented to investors at an Investments Fair (Open Day).

28 projects were selected to the 2016 edition of AWC. See the complete list with the groups (in portuguese).