In 2012, TIM joined forces with Rio de Janeiro Municipal Department of Urban Planning and UPP Social Project, developed by Pereira Passos Municipal Institute of Urbanism (IPP), for the Fala, Comunidade! (Community, Speak Up!) initiative. The goal was to expand popular participation in the choice of new names for the four main thoroughfares in Rocinha, considered the largest favela (slum) in Latin America, with 69,300 inhabitants. Scholarship students who live in the community carried out the collection of votes. They went from door to door and registered all the relevant information using a technological solution installed on a tablet. The process drew in the participation of 5,798 voters.

The methodology – young scholarship students, members of the community, collecting information on the area by using Information and Communication Technologies – was applied once again in 2013, when Instituto TIM teamed up with Pereira Passos Institute for the Agentes da Transformação (Transformation Agents) initiative. The project is a model of qualification and collection of data on youths that live in pacified communities in Rio de Janeiro, by means of field surveys.

The activities are divided in two fronts: the first one is the qualification of youths for carrying out field surveys and the second one is the execution of a large-sized household survey – with a rigorous statistical standard – about youths living in the selected areas. In order to collect the data, students make use of tablets equipped with the Para Pesquisa software. Para Pesquisa is a free software designed by Instituto TIM specifically for this project.

In 2013, 100 young people living in 10 pacified communities participated in the project. 6,000 questionnaires were collected, with questions related to the household, family, education, employment, use of time and connectivity. In its second edition, in 2014, 70 youngsters received qualification training and collected 3,500 questionnaires in 7 other communities. This time, the questionnaire also included questions related to safety, violence and an evaluation of the community. In 2015, Agentes da Transformação took place for the third time. 120 youngsters collected 6,000 questionnaires in 12 new communities. In 2016, 50 young scholars collected 2,500 questionaries in the communities of Rocinha, Lins and Nova Holanda.

Results of the 2013 Agentes da Transformação Survey (in portuguese)
Results of the 2014 Agentes da Transformação Survey (in portuguese)
Results of the 2015 Agentes da Transformação Survey (in portuguese)
Results of the 2016 Agentes da Transformação Survey (in portuguese)

The main data of the surveys conducted in the 4 years of project were gathered in the publication Cadernos da Juventude Carioca (Rio de Janeiro Youth Workbooks), released by Instituto TIM and IPP on December, 2016. It is possible to read the publication in full in this link.

The survey carried out by these youngsters supplies the urgent need for high-quality information with a specific focus on pacified communities in Rio de Janeiro, generating official data that are used to direct public policies. At the same time, the project meets a demand for professional qualification and productive inclusion in the area of field survey.



The Agentes da Transformação project won the 2014 ARede Award in the Public Interest Content category, in the Private Sector segment. The award is an initiative devised by the ARede Magazine, aiming at highlighting and placing social inclusion initiatives that make use of Information and Communication Technologies under the spotlight.