Instituto TIM supports non-governmental organizations that are recognized for their relevance and seriousness in Brazil and abroad, such as Abrinq Foundation, Ronald McDonald Institute, Ayrton Senna Institute, Centro Brasileiro da Criança e do Adolescente – Casa de Passagem Ana Vasconcelos, in Recife (PE), Escola Técnica Redentorista (ETER) and Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS).


Instituto TIM also supports the Bateria do Instituto TIM (Instituto TIM Drumming Band), which offers musical education to approximately 50 children, teenagers and adults from 7 years old onwards in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Among participants there are both hearing and hearing-impaired youths, in addition to young people with other disabilities. The group has a conductor, musicians working as monitors and Brazilian Sign Language interpreters. The drum players learn drumming techniques and participate in interactive games, which explore concepts such as attention, concentration and perception, as well as basic rhythm and musical tempo principles. Rehearsals take place once a week, and there are several band performances throughout the year.

The drumming band was created in 2010 in a partnership with Centro Educacional Pilar Velazquez – a public school in Rio de Janeiro specialized in the education of hearing-impaired students – as part of the TIM Música nas Escolas (TIM Music in Schools) project. Centro Educacional Pilar Velazquez housed the drumming band rehearsals for two years; however, the institution closed in 2012. In order to continue with the drumming band project, TIM established a partnership with the National Institute for the Education of the Deaf (INES). In 2013, a new partnership was established with Artur da Távola Municipal Reference Centre for Rio de Janeiro Music, that started to host the meetings. Around 50 children, youngsters and adults from 7 years old onwards participated in the activities of Bateria do Instituto TIM. During the weekly rehearsals, the percussionists learned drumsticks techniques and performed interactive games exploring attention, concentration and perception and the basic principles of rhythm, time and tempo.

Throughout the year of 2014, there have been 4 open rehearsals and 3 public presentations. Furthermore, Bateria do Instituto TIM participated in a parade by Samba School Império da Tijuca – as part of its official Special Group presentation at Rio’s Carnival festivities – being placed on a float that addressed the topic of social inclusion. In 2015, 34 meetings and 5 public presentations were conducted, including open rehearsals and a participation in the Mini Bloco during Rio de Janeiro’s pre-Carnival. In 2016, Bateria carried out 34 meetings e 7 public presentations; among them, a presentation at the Tijuca neighborhoord’s birthday and another along with the project Portadores do Ritmo, which happened in Catete neighborhood.

The activities carried out by Bateria do Instituto TIM continue in 2017. The rehearsals take place every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Artur da Távola Municipal Reference Centre for Rio de Janeiro Music, in Rio de Janeiro.