There are at least 280 science and technology museums and centers in the country, according to the 2015 Brazilian Catalog of Science Museums and Centers. These institutions play an important role in education, promotion and popularization of science. Furthermore, they are permanently open to public visitors, establishing connection with school communities and being regarded as a space for entertainment and leisurely activities by the public at large.

Although they receive support from the government, several of these institutions require resources to optimize their science education, communication and popularization activities. That is why Instituto TIM directs part of its investments towards science education activities for children and teenagers organized by science and technology centers and museums.

The institutions that have been supported by Instituto TIM are:

With the support of Instituto TIM, these science and technology museums and centers have received 180,000 visitors and people participating in workshops, events and programs in the years of 2012, 2013 and 2014.


Starting in 2015, the Instituto TIM decided to launch a public notice directed at science and technology museums in partnership with the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). The aim is to expand the scope of the investments and the public who will benefit from it in several regions of Brazil.

The activities supported are focused on the promotion, education and development of products having light as their themes, in order to celebrate the International Year of Light (2015) in addition to other initiatives that foster scientific promotion and aim at contributing significantly to the popularization and dissemination of this topic. The initiatives are directed towards children aged 4-10. Science and technology museums throughout the country, as well as Extension departments from Federal and State Universities, could participate in this process.

Oswaldo Duarte, Secretary of Science and Technology for Social Inclusion of the MCTI, announced the partnership between the Instituto TIM and CNPq on October 19, 2014, during the closing ceremony of the National Week of Science and Technology. At the following National Week of Science and Technology, on October 20, 2015, the Instituto TIM was honored due to the initiative. The public notice was published on the CNPq website.

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