TIM Tec is an online platform of the MOOC (massive open online courses) type that offers open free courses aimed at professional and technological education.

TIM Tec project is based on three pillars:

  1. Free Software. Any institution – schools, universities, collectives, private organizations – can have its own MOOC platform from TIM Tec software. It can be installed, modified, improved and changed at no cost.
  2. Production of courses. Anyone can access the TIM Tec platform ( and take the courses published there – whenever he/she want, wherever he/she want and without paying anything. The courses are licensed in Creative Commons and aligned with the Technological Axis: Information and Communication of the National Program for Access to Technical Education and Employment (Pronatec).
  3. E-Tec Brasil Network. Through a partnership with the Department of Professional and Technological Education of the Ministry of Education (Setec/MEC), TIM Tec platform and courses are shared with institutions of the e-Tec Brasil Network – a Pronatec initiative whose purpose is to expand and democratize access to free and public technical mid-level courses, especially online courses, and which includes Federal Institutes, Departments of Education, universities, etc. The institutions install the software and, if they wish, they can add the TIM Tec courses or their own courses to their installation.

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Increasing the number of vacancies offered by the Federal Institutes is one of the federal government’s strategies to increase access to professional and technological education in Brazil.

To this end, the Ministry of Education has carried out a number of actions – ranging from the expansion of the number of Federal Institutes (currently, 644 units and campuses are serving about 850,000 students) to the expansion of courses offered in Distance Learning mode (EaD). In addition, the National Education Plan 2014/2024 has as one of its strategies the investment to the integration of youth and adult education with professional education in planned courses, including online ones.

Federal Institutes rely on the virtual learning environment Moodle, but it is not enough to meet those goals. Because it is a MOOC platform (providing free, open, online and massive courses), TIM Tec contributes to expand the alternatives of offering distance and professional education courses in the e-Tec Brasil Network institutions.












The numbers of distance education in Brazil grow every year. The last EAD Brazil Census, conducted in 2015 by the Brazilian Association for Distance Education (ABED), registered an increase of over 1 million students enrolled in courses in this modality, compared with 2014. Recently, a survey conducted by CONECTAí Express (an IBOPE initiative) showed that open courses lead the preference among online courses: out of the total number of respondents who have attended an online course, 56% have attended open courses.
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If professional improvement is a requirement for all areas, when it comes to technology it is even more important. The TIM Tec platform helps IT professionals to improve their skills and acquire new knowledge. Check out some IT careers recruiting in 2017, according to the consultancies Michael Page, Page Personnel, Page Talent, Reachr and Conquest One, plus suggestions of courses in the TIM Tec platform for your improvement.
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TIM Tec was one of the winners of the ARede Educa 2016 Award. The project won 3rd place in the Educational Platforms category of the Civil Society modality, in which solutions and products for learning and online learning courses were competing. The award is an initiative of ARede portal and Bit Social organization.
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In 2016, students from the suburbs of Santarém-PA participated in a training on digital culture and free software using the TIM Tec courses. The Jovens Cordeirxs (Young Lambs) Program, an initiative of Coletivo Puraqué, involves young people aged 14 to 26 years and aims to contribute to the creation of a technological pole of software development in the municipality.
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TIM Tec software was used as a basis for Escola de Jornalismo, a platform for free communication courses aimed at young people in High School – an initiative of Énois Inteligência Jovem, a school agency that works in the training of young people.
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