Expanding the supply of vocational and technological education courses is one of the priorities of the Federal Government. In 2011, the government created the National Program for Access to Technical Education and Employment (Pronatec), which currently has six million students enrolled. One of Pronatec initiatives is Rede e-TecBrasil, which offers free distance learning technical and initial and continuing training or professional qualification courses.

TIM Tec is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform and a free software, which offers free online courses in line with the Pronatec’s Technology Axis: Information and Communication. Anyone can sign up to take the courses that teach programming languages, databases, websites, games design, among others. There are also courses for elementary school teachers (in sciences, for example) and for strengthening skills considered basic to the training of any professional, such as writing texts.

The technology and content of the TIM Tec platform are being shared with public education institutes from Rede e-Tec Brasil, with support from the Department of Professional and Technological Education of the Ministry of Education (Setec/MEC). 21 Federal Institutes, 1 Federal Center of Technological Education (CEFET) and Instituto Dom Moacyr already have custom MOOC platforms created from TIM Tec software or are in the installation phase. Instituto TIM supports and monitors the institutes in the installation process and use of the platform.

Visit the first TIM Tec installation to the Sul-rio-grandense Federal Institute em mooc.ifsul.edu.br (in Portuguese).

To learn more about the TIM Tec project, access the TIM Tec Portal (in Portuguese) or visit the first TIM Tec platform installation (in Portuguese).

TIM Tec was one of the winners of the ARede Educa Award 2016, achieving the 3rd place in the Educational Platforms category of the Civil Society segment. The award is an initiative devised by ARede website and Bit Social organization.