Busca Ativa Escolar – Platform to actively search out of school children

Published in May 29, 2017

Busca Ativa Escolar is a platform that helps cities combat school exclusion. Its purpose is to support governments in the fields of identification, registration, control and follow-up of children and teenagers who are out of school or at risk of avoidance. The platform was developed in partnership with UNICEF, Undime and Congemas, and is aligned with the objectives of Out of School Children Initiative, of UNICEF.

TIM Tec – Software for the creation of online courses platform

Published in May 28, 2017

TIM Tec is a software that allows the creation of online courses platforms in the MOOC. The system can host multiple courses that use videoclasses, as well as support materials, activities, forums and virtual notepads. For managers, the platform allows the generation of reports to follow courses, classes and students, check the progress of each participant, interact with students and issue certificates of hours.

Mapas Culturais – Platform for cultural management and collaborative mapping of culture

Published in May 27, 2017

Mapas Culturais is a tool that allows the organization of information about cultural agents, spaces, events and projects in a municipality, state or country, mapping such data. The platform can be fed and consulted by public managers and citizens in a collaborative way. Access to this information contributes to the creation of more efficient public policies and so that the population disseminates, knows and participates of the cultural production of its locality.

ZUP – Platform for the management of urban assets and services

Published in May 26, 2017

ZUP – Zeladoria Urbana Participativa is a platform that contributes to the management of urban public services and assets. Through the tool, public managers and citizens can register and monitor urban governance demands, which are gathered in a single system that can be accessed by different municipal departments. The platform also enables managers to make inventories of urban assets and issue complete reports and inventories for data analysis.

Para Pesquisa – Software for the creation of forms for field surveys

Published in May 25, 2017

Para Pesquisa is a tool that enables the creation of digital forms by companies and institutions interested in applying field research in different areas. Data can be filled directly into the app even offline – as soon as there is an internet connection, data is sent and stored on a web platform. The solution facilitates and streamlines the process of collecting and analyzing data, since it collects all the data surveyed in the field automatically on a single platform.

Resposta Rápida – Software for sending information via SMS and Web

Published in October 25, 2013

Resposta Rápida is a tool that allows paper-based information to be sent to the base of operations via SMS and Web and processed in real time, reducing the time between data collection and processing. With the system, organizations can reduce shipping costs (paper, mail), processing costs (typists) and the degree of imprecision of information processed.