Mapas Culturais is a free software that enables the organization to have information on cultural agents, activities and venues related to culture in a city or region by mapping these data. It can be fed by public bodies and also by cultural players in a collaborative way. It enables the creation of a cultural agenda and allows a complete record of cultural producers and spaces in the region, contributing towards the development of public policies in the field of culture. The Mapas Culturais platform is a free software and is compatible with the National System for Cultural Information and Indicators (SNIIC), under the Ministry of Culture, enabling integration of data.

Mapas Culturais was developed with PHP (the most popular free language among Brazilian developers which is adopted by the General-Coordination of Information Technology of the Ministry of Culture), PostgreSQL (a database management system, considered the most robust of them all) and AngularJS (a JavaScript framework that was developed by Google, based on what is the most up to date in web framework) technologies.

Mapas Culturais code is available on GitHub.



Click on the image below to get to know the first deployment of the Mapas Culturais software, the SP Cultura platform:

SP Cultura   Busca