sistema2Para Pesquisa (For Research) is a free software to create forms developed for companies and institutions interested in applying surveys in the field, within healthcare, education, housing, environment and other areas. It works with an app installed on a tablet with the Android operating system. The filled in forms are sent via the internet and stored on a web platform. On this platform, managers can create new forms and monitor the development of the survey.

The system offers a modern and user-friendly admin panel for the creation of surveys in just a few minutes. It has an interface to view the surveys conducted and pending, survey approval flow, creation of researcher and coordinator user profiles and attribution of survey quotas. Researchers and coordinators can download the app to tablets of any brand, model and size running the Android system and apply the surveys using a user-friendly graphic interface.

Para Pesquisa code is available on GitHub. Version 2.0 of the application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


Para Pesquisa was first used in the Agentes da Transformação project to carry out interviews on the life of young people in pacified communities in Rio de Janeiro, in a partnership between Instituto TIM and Pereira Passos Municipal Institute for Urbanism (IPP).


To learn more about Agentes da Transformação project watch the video below, by IPP Channel (in portuguese):