Para Pesquisa is a tool that enables the creation of digital forms by companies and institutions interested in applying field research in different areas. Its differential is that data can be filled directly into the app even offline – as soon as there is an internet connection, data is sent and stored on a web platform. The solution facilitates and streamlines the process of collecting and analyzing data, since it collects all the data surveyed in the field automatically on a single platform.

Like all technological solutions developed by Instituto TIM, Para Pesquisa is a free software.

Para Pesquisa was developed by Instituto TIM for the Agentes de Transformação project, carried out in partnership with Instituto Pereira Passos (IPP), an agency of the Rio de Janeiro City Hall.

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Para Pesquisa consists of an administrative panel and an app for smartphones and tablets with Android operating system. The first step is to install the software on the server and generate an administrative panel, which can be customized. Then you need to create an app (via the code at the bottom of this page), also customizable, and make it available on Google Play.

The administrative panel is where managers can create forms and users (coordinators and researchers), assign search quotas, view performed and pending searches, and check the approval flow of searches. In addition, it is possible to access general data reports and extract a spreadsheet in CSV format that collects all data collected through the application.

In turn, coordinators and researchers who have already had their user profiles registered by the panel manager can download the application and access the search forms. In the field, forms can be filled directly in the app, via smartphones or tablets connected or not to the internet. Once the device is connected, data is synchronized and stored on the web platform, so that the managers can access, download and analyze it.




The software consists of an administrative panel, which provides a REST API made in JavaScript using Node.js technology; and an Android-targeted app.

  • API REST: JavaScript Language using Node.js framework
  • App: Native Android (Android Studio Project)

All these technologies are free.




Para Pesquisa is a free software (AGPL v3 License). Programmers and developers can access the source code, use and change the tool in any way they want, for whatever purpose they want, for free.

The source codes can be consulted on GitHub: