The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Africa has developed a free software for undertaking research and data collection using SMS, called RapidSMS. In Brazil, it will be used by Pastoral da Criança, Instituto TIM improved this tool, creating Resposta Rápida. New functionality includes:

  • Simplification of syntax, use of slash, period or another character to separate fields in a response;
  • Java Interface: offers a friendly way to respond to questionnaires and enables storage of information when there is no connectivity with the internet or mobile network;
  • WAP and WEB: enable data transmission also via Internet;
  • Apps for Android and iOS: allow a touch-screen interface to answer questionnaires;
  • Interactive form: allows formation of response flows based on user message;

Development of an API: for third party systems to receive all data collected by means of RapidSMS, allowing integration with other tools and systems.

Resposta Rápida code is available on GitHub.


resposta rapida1resposta rapida2resposta rapida3