Resposta Rápida (Rapid Response) is a tool that allows paper-based information to be sent to the base of operations via SMS and Web and processed in real time, reducing the time between data collection and processing. With the system, organizations can reduce shipping costs (paper, mail), processing costs (typists) and the degree of imprecision of information processed.

Like all technological solutions developed by Instituto TIM, Resposta Rápida is a free software.

Resposta Rápida was developed by Instituto TIM for the Instituto TIM na Pastoral da Criança project, carried out in partnership with the organization Pastoral da Criança.

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Resposta Rapida allows information such as absence of antibiotics and vaccines in Basic Health Units (UBS), non-attendance of pregnant women and children, and noncompliance with the determination to give the first dose of antibiotic at the time of the consultation are informed in real time by the volunteers of Pastoral da Criança, spread throughout the country, to the national headquarters of the organization.

For this, the information receives an identifier code. For example, if the volunteer wants to report that there is a lack of antibiotics in a UBS in his/her area, the code to be used is number 3. The volunteer writes the identifier code in an SMS and sends it to a specific number, along with its own code (each volunteer has an identification number). The information is automatically registered in the Pastoral da Criança system, saving time and generating immediate actions.




The tool was developed based on free software RapidSMS, developed by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Africa to conduct research and information gathering through SMS.

Among the functionalities implemented are:

  • Syntax simplification using bar, period, or other character to separate response fields
  • User-friendly Java interface for questionnaires that allows the storage of information when there is no internet or cellular network connectivity
  • WAP and WEB that allow the transmission of data also by the internet
  • Applications for Android and iOS operating systems with touch interface to answer the questionnaires
  • Interactive form that allows the formation of response flows based on the user’s message

An API has also been developed so that third-party systems can receive all data collections made through RapidSMS, allowing integration with other tools and systems.




Resposta Rápida is a free software (AGPL v3 License). Programmers and developers can access the source code, use and change the tool in any way they want, for whatever purpose they want, for free.

The source codes can be consulted on GitHub: