TIM Tec is a software that allows the creation of online courses platforms in the MOOC (massive open online courses) format – that is, platforms that host open and free courses which can be done simultaneously by a large number of people. The system can host multiple courses that use videoclasses, as well as support materials, activities, forums and virtual notepads. For managers, the platform allows the generation of reports to follow courses, classes and students, check the progress of each participant, interact with students and issue certificates of hours.

Like all technological solutions developed by Instituto TIM, TIM Tec is a free software.

The first installation of TIM Tec was developed and launched by Instituto TIM in 2013. TIM Tec platform (cursos.timtec.com.br) has, so far, 30 published courses and more than 56,000 registered students. Through a partnership with the Department of Professional and Technological Education of the Ministry of Education (Setec/MEC), 23 educational institutions of the e-Tec Brasil Network also have platforms published or in the process of being installed developed from the software TIM Tec.

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Any institution interested in having a MOOC courses platform can use the TIM Tec software and create its own customized platform. To do so, it is necessary to install the system codes and a template (that can be own or created from the available models) and insert the desired courses (which can also be own or the courses published by TIM Tec and available for free use).

Through the tool’s administrative panel, managers can create, edit and import courses, export packages of courses available for use by other institutions, create groups and user profiles, manage forums, interact with students through messages, and issue certificates of hours. In addition, it is possible to check students’ progress and the courses taken and generate reports of course follow-up.

The platform is light and responsive, and through it is possible to watch classes on computers, tablets or smartphones. Students can take the courses when and where they want, at their own pace, with the possibility of reviewing the contents and choosing the order of classes to be watched. To complement the studies, students have access to additional materials and forums, where they can exchange messages with other course students about the content.






The software is divided into two distinct parts: a data model (back-end) and a visual interface (front-end).


  • Django: Python language version 2.7 framework
  • RESTful API: Django-based API library
  • PostgreSQL: open source database


  • Angular: JavaScript framework used in templates
  • nginx: application web server (also supports Apache2)

All these technologies are free.




TIM Tec is free software (BSD License). Programmers and developers can access the source code, use and change the tool in any way they want, for whatever purpose they want, for free.

The source codes can be consulted on GitHub:




TIM Tec documentation contains manuals aimed at the different professionals involved in the development and management of the platform: