TIM Tec platform is a demo environment of the TIM Tec tool – a free software for the creation of online courses that uses the concept of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), free, open courses that may be simultaneously attended by many people.

The system allows the publishing of video lessons, supporting materials and other links. It allows the creation of tests and the use of emulators developed for students to exercise the skills covered.

Students can ask and answer questions, view answers and bookmark classmates’ questions in a forum, and take notes on their virtual notebook.

Managers can generate monitoring reports for courses, classes and students, track the progress of each participant, and enable tutors when needed.

The TIM Tec platform is a free software developed using Python (a robust language with growing, agile and efficient use to write code, with strong academic base), Django (the most popular framework for Python, which brings productivity and solidity), PostgreSQL (considered the most robust database management system) and AngularJS (a JavaScript framework that was developed by Google based on what is the most up to date in web framework) technologies. These are all open-source technologies.

TIM Tec code is available on GitHub.


Click on the image below to get to know the first deployment of the TIM Tec platform: