The project’s apps and systems facilitate the collection, organization, analysis, sharing and monitoring of information on urban services (cleaning of drains, waste collection, pothole repairs and tree pruning, among others).

For this purpose, ZUP uses two mobile apps to collect data and a system to process geo-referenced data through automatic algorithms. It enables the generation of inventories of urban assets, elaboration of technical inspections, study of trends and warnings for the control and inspection of service providers, optimizing the effectiveness of municipal public administration.




In a simple and intuitive way, citizens can register their requests for services through an app for tablets, smartphones and computers, inserting photos and comments on the problems identified. The citizens are also informed about the progress of the requests posted, by means of automatic alerts.


Citizens may also view all requests for a city or neighborhood, using filters by date, category and geographical area, as well as checking the protocol and progress of each of their requests.


The technical mobile app enables specialists from the local authorities, Civil Defense and enterprises that provide public services to update their inventories of city assets, perform technical inspections in the field and plan tree pruning actions and other municipal services.

The system was designed for offline use, without Wi-Fi/3G connectivity, and helps to identify the location of inspections by codlog, address or GPS and the accountability of activities performed in real time, facilitating the execution of field work and subsequent inspection by the appropriate authorities.


With the ZUP governance system, authorities can analyse their demands and plan on the city map the logistics of actions to perform the highest number of tasks in the shortest possible time, increasing the efficiency of public governance.

We know that the management of information is one of the keys to efficient management, and so ZUP presents a complete record of the life of each of the assets and problems in the city, incorporating citizen requests, geo-referenced data, technical reports, photographs and preventive actions performed over time. In this way, the system centralizes all information, enabling fast decision-making both by authorities and by technicians in the field.

The ZUP system also contributes to the inspection of actions performed by service providers and facilitates the control of their productivity by means of algorithms and automatic alerts that inform the authorities of irregularities in accountability.


The entire ZUP system code is available on GitHub: ZUP API, ZUP Web, ZUP Android Cidadão, ZUP iOS Cidadão, ZUP Painel e ZUP Android Técnico.