Autonomous deploy of ZUP in Mal. Cândido Rondon

Published in June 29, 2018

Marechal Cândido Rondon, in the west of Paraná, is the first municipality to do an autonomous deployment of the free software for management of services and urban assets ZUP – Zeladoria Urbana Participativa (Participatory Urban Governance), developed by Instituto TIM. Named as VcMCR, the platform began to be deployed in September 2017 and was launched to the community on April 17 of this year. Since then, 144 reports of irregularities have been sent through the application to the citizen, with […]

MinC provides Mapas as SaaS to the entire country

Published in August 7, 2017

The Ministry of Culture (MinC), with Instituto TIM’s support, started providing the platform Mapas Culturais as SaaS (software as a service in cloud) to all interested states and municipalities. The service intends to extend and facilitate the adoption of the cultural management tool, since the infrastructure and the configuration of the platform are under the responsibility of MinC. “States and municipalities will be able to have all the features that Mapas Culturais offer, with its own identity, autonomy in the […]

Cultura na Paraíba is the new Mapas’ deployment

Published in June 14, 2017

Paraíba is the newest State to deploy the platform Mapas Culturais, a free software for collaborative mapping and culture management developed by Instituto TIM. The launch of Cultura na Paraíba ( took place on the night of June 13 at Fundação Casa de José Américo, an agency of the State Secretariat for Culture of Paraíba (SECULT), in João Pessoa-PB. About 50 people attended the event, including managers, cultural producers, local artists and authorities, such as the Acting Governor of Paraíba, […]

Particity is officially launched in Cascavel

Published in May 30, 2017

The platform Particity, a ZUP – Zeladoria Urbana Participativa (Participatory Urban Governance) deployment in Cascavel-PR, was officially launched on May 29th, at an event in the auditorium of the City Hall. About 100 people attended the launch, among officials of the City Hall and municipal departments, press and authorities. The ceremony was conducted by the municipal secretary of Social Communication, Ivan Zuchi, and had the participation of the mayor of Cascavel, Leonaldo Paranhos, the deputy mayor, Jorge Lange, and the […]

IT and Setec/MEC sign Cooperation Agreement

Published in May 29, 2017

Representatives of the Department of Professional and Technological Education of the Ministry of Education (Setec/MEC), Instituto TIM and TIM Brasil signed a Cooperation Agreement, officializing the partnership to share the technology and content of the TIM Tec platform with public education institutions from Rede e-Tec Brasil. The secretary of Professional and Technological Education, Eline Neves Braga Nascimento, signed the document on May 22nd in Brasilia-DF at Setec’s Cabinet, located at the headquarters of MEC. Since 2015, public institutions across the […]

Get to know the Mapas platforms in MinC

Published in April 6, 2017

Since 2015, the Ministry of Culture (MinC) has a partnership with Instituto TIM to use the free software Mapas Culturais. The partnership started with the migration of the National System for Cultural Information and Indicators (SNIIC) to Mapas Culturais, resulting in the creation of the platform Mapa da Cultura. In addition to providing the entire SNIIC database, Mapa da Cultura aggregates data from three other platforms created by MinC from the software: Museus BR, Cultura Viva and Mapa das Bibliotecas. […]

Cultural data from all over Brazil

Published in April 3, 2017

Available since 2015, the platform Mapa da Cultura has information about cultural agents, places, projects and events from all over Brazil and it is one of the four deployments of the open source software Mapas Culturais in the Ministry of Culture (MinC). The management is performed by MinC in partnership with Instituto TIM, that offers technological support. It is a space to promote and integrate cultural actions from all the states of the country. The platform gathers information from different MinC […]

Libraries all over Brazil in platform

Published in March 20, 2017

Libraries all over Brazil can be found in Mapa das Bibliotecas (Libraries Map), a collaborative mapping platform from the National System of Public Libraries (SNBP) and one of the four deployments of the open source software Mapas Culturais performed by the Ministry of Culture (MinC). More than 7,000 libraries are registered on the platform, which was released in 2015 and is one of the pieces of the National Registration of Libraries. Brazilian libraries are mapped since 1992 by SNBP. Now, […]

Platform integrates cultural agents

Published in March 14, 2017

Since the end of 2015, the platform Cultura Viva (Living Culture) is available to the audience and gathers information on agents, collectives and institutions from all the states of Brazil registered in the Living Culture Program. There are more than 2,000 spots mapped in all the states of Brazil. The platform is the digital interface of the National Registry of Spots and Great Spots of Culture and it is one of the four deployments of the open source software Mapas […]

Mapas Culturais arrives in Espírito Santo

Published in March 8, 2017

The state of Espírito Santo is the newest member of Mapas Culturais network. On March 7th, it was carried out the launch of the autonomous deployment of Mapas in the state, called Mapa Cultural ES. The event opened the 2nd Forum of Municipal Secretaries and Leaders of Culture, held at the Sônia Cabral Culture Palace in Vitória. Secretaries and representatives of the management teams of the State Department of Culture, municipal departments of Culture of 39 municipalities of Espírito Santo […]