Busca Ativa: 1111 cities and 5 states in one year

Published in June 13, 2018

One year after the national launch of the Busca Ativa Escolar platform, 1,111 municipalities already participate in the initiative, which corresponds to 20% of the total of Brazilian municipalities. In addition, 5 states – Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco, Goiás and Amapá – have joined the platform, which connects public managers from different areas (Education, Health, Social Assistance, Planning) and supports governments in identifying, registering and managing children and adolescents who are out of school. “Busca Ativa Escolar pays […]

Python and APIs in new TIM Tec courses

Published in February 1, 2018

The TIM Tec platform has launched two more courses destined to professionals and those interested in technology: Development with Python and APIs Development in REST. The courses are free and open to anyone who has previous knowledge in programming and software development areas, since the content of both is more advanced. The Development with Python course presents the fundamental concepts of this programming language that is increasingly being used all over the world – and that was even adopted in […]

TIM Tec launches courses on entrepreneurship

Published in December 18, 2017

Entrepreneurship is already a reality for 48 million Brazilians between the ages of 18 and 64 years old (36% of the population). And among those who have never started a business, having their own business is the 4th most mentioned dream – behind only traveling around Brazil, buying a home and buying a car. These data from the research Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2016, supported by Sebrae and conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Quality and Productivity (IBQP), show the strength […]

New solutions for Mapas in SP in Hackultura

Published in December 11, 2017

The SP Estado da Cultura platform, a deployment of Mapas Culturais in the state of São Paulo, has gained new suggestions of functionalities in a development marathon dedicated to it. The 1st Hackultura was organized by the collective Nós Livres, Observatory of Creative New Business (ON2C) and the State Department of Culture of São Paulo (Secult), with the support of Instituto TIM, and gathered about 20 hackers, developers and cultural agents to think about solutions to improve the platform. It […]

Busca Ativa: presentation at UNCME’s event

Published in November 29, 2017

Counselors, managers and secretaries of Education from many Brazilian municipalities are being introduced to the Busca Ativa Escolar platform at the XXVII National Meeting of UNCME (Union of Municipal Education Councils). The event takes place between 27th and 29th of November at Luís Eduardo Magalhães Convention Center, in Ilhéus-BA. The teams of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Instituto TIM are participating on the Meeting, aiming at engaging the participants into spreading the initiative to the city governments of […]

Mapa Cultural de Pernambuco is launched in event

Published in October 26, 2017

Over 100 people attended the launch of the platform Mapa Cultural de Pernambuco, the deployment of Mapas Culturais in the state. The event was held on October 25th at the Museum of the State of Pernambuco (MEPE), in Recife, and brought together authorities, cultural agents, artists, cultural advisers, among other interested parties. The event was also attended by the state secretary of Culture, Marcelino Granja; the president of the Foundation of the Historical and Artistic Heritage of Pernambuco (Fundarpe), Márcia […]

Solutions that contribute to smart cities

Published in October 17, 2017

With increasingly populous urban centers around the world and more complex management demands, the discussion about the concept of smart cities is growing. Such concept involves the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to improve the efficiency of the urban management and the quality of life of its residents. Three solutions developed by Instituto TIM are applied to smart cities: Busca Ativa Escolar, ZUP and Mapas Culturais. Solutions for smart cities can have the participation of the inhabitants (case […]

TIM Tec: IFPA launches MOOC platform in event

Published in October 4, 2017

The Federal Institute of Pará (IFPA) is the newest institution of e-Tec Brasil Network to launch its MOOC platform, developed from the TIM Tec software. The official launch of the platform happened during the IFPA’s I Meeting for Distance Education (e-EAD), carried out at Belém campus on September 28th and 29th. The event gathered about 120 people – among teachers, students, technicians and pedagogical staff from IFPA, as well as interested parties from other institutions – to discuss and share […]

More students in open and online courses in BR

Published in August 15, 2017

The numbers of distance education in Brazil grow every year. The last EAD Brazil Census, conducted in 2015 by the Brazilian Association for Distance Education (ABED), registered an increase of over 1 million students enrolled in courses in this modality, compared with 2014 (find the analytical report of the Census here). Recently, a survey conducted by CONECTAí Express (an IBOPE initiative) showed that open courses lead the preference among online courses: out of the total number of respondents who have attended […]

MinC provides Mapas as SaaS to the entire country

Published in August 7, 2017

The Ministry of Culture (MinC), with Instituto TIM’s support, started providing the platform Mapas Culturais as SaaS (software as a service in cloud) to all interested states and municipalities. The service intends to extend and facilitate the adoption of the cultural management tool, since the infrastructure and the configuration of the platform are under the responsibility of MinC. “States and municipalities will be able to have all the features that Mapas Culturais offer, with its own identity, autonomy in the […]