Autonomous deploy of ZUP in Mal. Cândido Rondon

Published in June 29, 2018

Marechal Cândido Rondon, in the west of Paraná, is the first municipality to do an autonomous deployment of the free software for management of services and urban assets ZUP – Zeladoria Urbana Participativa (Participatory Urban Governance), developed by Instituto TIM. Named as VcMCR, the platform began to be deployed in September 2017 and was launched to the community on April 17 of this year. Since then, 144 reports of irregularities have been sent through the application to the citizen, with […]

Solutions that contribute to smart cities

Published in October 17, 2017

With increasingly populous urban centers around the world and more complex management demands, the discussion about the concept of smart cities is growing. Such concept involves the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to improve the efficiency of the urban management and the quality of life of its residents. Three solutions developed by Instituto TIM are applied to smart cities: Busca Ativa Escolar, ZUP and Mapas Culturais. Solutions for smart cities can have the participation of the inhabitants (case […]

MinC provides Mapas as SaaS to the entire country

Published in August 7, 2017

The Ministry of Culture (MinC), with Instituto TIM’s support, started providing the platform Mapas Culturais as SaaS (software as a service in cloud) to all interested states and municipalities. The service intends to extend and facilitate the adoption of the cultural management tool, since the infrastructure and the configuration of the platform are under the responsibility of MinC. “States and municipalities will be able to have all the features that Mapas Culturais offer, with its own identity, autonomy in the […]

Rio Municipal Department of Health adopts ZUP RIO

Published in July 24, 2017

Rio Operations Center (COR) started to work in partnership with the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Department of Health to optimize the processes of monitoring and fighting Aedes aegypti mosquito in the municipality. Adaptations were made to the system of ZUP RIO app, deployment of ZUP – Zeladoria Urbana Participativa (Participatory Urban Governance) in the state capital, to meet the demands of health surveillance agents. The goal is that the information agents currently fill in seven paper forms during mosquito outbreak […]

Particity is officially launched in Cascavel

Published in May 30, 2017

The platform Particity, a ZUP – Zeladoria Urbana Participativa (Participatory Urban Governance) deployment in Cascavel-PR, was officially launched on May 29th, at an event in the auditorium of the City Hall. About 100 people attended the launch, among officials of the City Hall and municipal departments, press and authorities. The ceremony was conducted by the municipal secretary of Social Communication, Ivan Zuchi, and had the participation of the mayor of Cascavel, Leonaldo Paranhos, the deputy mayor, Jorge Lange, and the […]

ZUP RIO in inspections against Aedes aegypti

Published in February 15, 2017

The ZUP RIO platform, a ZUP (Participatory Urban Governance) deployment in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), is currently being used in an action to fight the Aedes aegypti mosquito in the municipality. On February 11th, 126 municipal health units mobilized to educate residents about the importance of prevention against the breeding sites of the mosquito, which transmits dengue, zika and chikungunya. In addition, the date marked the beginning of a series of inspections that are being carried out in the neighborhoods […]

Cascavel adopts ZUP platform

Published in February 3, 2017

The municipality of Cascavel (PR) started a partnership with Instituto TIM in order to implement the ZUP platform – Participatory Urban Governance. On February 1st, the mayor of Cascavel, Leonaldo Paranhos, the deputy mayor and secretary of Public Works and Services, Jorge Lange, the representatives of Instituto TIM Leandro Guerra and Patrick Azevedo and the ZUP team gathered at the City Hall Cabinet to document the partnership. Then, the mayor, Leandro and Felipe Cabral, from ZUP team, participated in a […]

Get to know the ZUP installations

Published in September 14, 2016

The ZUP – Zeladoria Urbana Participativa (Participatory Urban Governance) platform was developed by Instituto TIM to contribute with the municipal management of urban governance services. Both the staff from departments and public bodies and the citizens can count on an efficient and easy to use tool to register demands such as waste collection, sweeping, pothole repair, pruning trees, among others. The information are registered at a single system and serve as subsidy to improve the monitoring and execution of the […]

Different uses of ZUP in Boa Vista

Published in September 12, 2016

In Boa Vista (RR), nine departments and municipal bodies, besides the project Família que Acolhe, adopted the VcBV platform, ZUP installation in the city, to assist in public management. The city launched the platform on December 2nd, 2015, and uses it for different purposes. One of them is to register the citizens’ requests made by the phone 156. “All the public service bodies of the City Hall use VcBV. Through 156, the City Hall service phone number, the citizen makes […]

ZUP optimizes urban services in Rio

Published in August 19, 2016

In less than a year since its implementation in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), the use of the ZUP platform has expanded – and there is an intention to extend that even more. The installation of the open source software created by Instituto TIM in the city was launched on December 1st, 2015 with the name ConservaZUP. The platform had become the official tool for registering and monitoring service requests of the agents from the Municipal Department of Conservation (SECONSERVA), that […]