Agentes publishes research data

Published in February 26, 2016

The Agentes da Transformação project, carried out by Instituto TIM in partnership with Pereira Passos Institute (IPP), organized an event to publish the data of the survey held in 2015 on the youth of the pacified communities of Rio de Janeiro. On February 25, in the Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro (MAR), about 75 guests learned about the result of the work done by the young scholarship students in the third edition of the project. The audience was made […]

Bateria do Instituto TIM cheers up Mini Bloco in Rio

Published in February 4, 2016

Bateria do Instituto TIM participated for the second time in the Mini Bloco, a children’s carnival parade from the Tijuca neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The 42 members of the drumming band who attended the event on January 30 showed carnival versions of children’s songs, traditional samba and carnival parades. They were accompanied by six monitors, a sign-language interpreter, five musicians and Master Mangueirinha, who conducted the percussionists. The fourth edition of Mini Bloco took place at Praça Xavier […]

Graduation of students of Agents

Published in December 21, 2015

On December 17 took place the graduation of 120 scholarship students who participated in 2015 in the Agentes da Transformação project, carried out by the Instituto TIM in partnership with Instituto Pereira Passos (IPP). About 200 people attended the event, held at the auditorium of the Rio Art Museum, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). All young people received certificates for participating in the project. Lídia Vales, chief of staff of IPP, Andrea Pulici, director of Special Projects of IPP and […]

ZUP is launched in Rio and Boa Vista

Published in December 8, 2015

The ZUP – Zeladoria Urbana Participativa (Participatory Urban Governance) platform was officially launched in two more cities: Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Boa Vista (RR). The free software created by the Instituto TIM will be used in both cities by municipal agents to improve the management of urban services and assets. ZUP is already in operation in São Bernardo do Campo (SP). ConservaZUP In Rio de Janeiro, the launch took place on December 1 at Centro de Operações Rio (COR). The […]

Agents: UNICEF is a partner in 2015

Published in October 7, 2015

The Agentes da Transformação project, carried out by Instituto TIM in partnership with Pereira Passos Institute (IPP) in Rio de Janeiro-RJ, has a new partner in 2015: the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Collaboration takes place through Platform for Urban Centers (PCU), an UNICEF initiative that establishes partnerships with municipalities and Municipal Councils for Children and Adolescents Rights in eight Brazilian cities to reduce inequalities that affect children and adolescents. UNICEF participated in drafting the questionnaire this year and in […]

Tablets for OBMEP medal-winners

Published in July 30, 2015

Students from all over Brazil participated in the National Awarding Ceremony of the Brazilian Public School Math Olympics (OBMEP), held on July 20th at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro-RJ. Instituto TIM, an OBMEP partner since 2014, attended the event and gave an extra incentive to the 501 gold medallists, with the drawing of 100 tablets at the end of the awarding ceremony. The president of Instituto TIM, Manoel Horacio, was present at the ceremony, which was attended by authorities […]

Bateria resumes rehearsals in 2015

Published in March 18, 2015

On March 14th, the rehearsals of Bateria do Instituto TIM returned, at the Artur da Távola Municipal Reference Centre for Rio de Janeiro Music, in Rio de Janeiro-RJ. This year, the band led by percussion master Mestre Mangueirinha will have new members. More than 40 children and adolescents aged 9 to 21 years old, including individuals with hearing, visual or mental disabilities, participate in the project. Although the rehearsals were resumed on March 14th, Bateria do Instituto TIM had already interrupted […]

CDI among the most influential NGOs

Published in March 13, 2015

Comitê para a Democratização da Informática (CDI) – an organization founded in 1995 that has the support of Instituto TIM – is one of the 100 most influential NGOs in the world, according to Swiss entity Global Geneva (formerly known as The Global Journal). CDI was placed 94th in the annual ranking of the entity, which measures the impact and influence of organizations and to what extent they can mobilize resources for a cause. Three other Brazilian NGOs also appear […]

CDI Mobilidade awards best app ideas

Published in February 20, 2015

The best app ideas created during the CDI Mobilidade project, supported by Instituto TIM and held by the NGO Comitê para Democratização da Informática, of Rio de Janeiro, were awarded on January 24th. About 110 people attended the CDI Mobilidade Awards, held at INFNET Institute: selected students, educators, coordinators of CDIs Comunidades, responsible parties and guests, as well as representatives of 19 institutions. The three app ideas awarded were selected among 22 finalists. The jury took into account the presentation; […]

Bateria takes part in pre-Carnival

Published in February 11, 2015

Bateria do Instituto TIM once again participated in Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. This year, the children and young people of the drumming band were invited to play in the 3rd edition of Mini Bloco, a children’s Carnival parade of Tijuca. The concentration occurred on the morning of February 7th, at Xavier de Brito Square. Over 1,000 people were present at Mini Bloco – among them the sub mayor of Tijuca, Marcio Ribeiro. The drum percussionists of Bateria do Instituto TIM, under […]