New solutions for Mapas in SP in Hackultura

Published in December 11, 2017

The SP Estado da Cultura platform, a deployment of Mapas Culturais in the state of São Paulo, has gained new suggestions of functionalities in a development marathon dedicated to it. The 1st Hackultura was organized by the collective Nós Livres, Observatory of Creative New Business (ON2C) and the State Department of Culture of São Paulo (Secult), with the support of Instituto TIM, and gathered about 20 hackers, developers and cultural agents to think about solutions to improve the platform. It […]

Solutions that contribute to smart cities

Published in October 17, 2017

With increasingly populous urban centers around the world and more complex management demands, the discussion about the concept of smart cities is growing. Such concept involves the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to improve the efficiency of the urban management and the quality of life of its residents. Three solutions developed by Instituto TIM are applied to smart cities: Busca Ativa Escolar, ZUP and Mapas Culturais. Solutions for smart cities can have the participation of the inhabitants (case […]

AWC: impact on teachers and students of Etecs

Published in September 6, 2017

Sharing the support to entrepreneurship and the Academic Working Capital approach with technical education students and teachers is one of the goals of the program in 2017. This year, for the first time, students from State Technical Schools (Etecs) of São Paulo participate in pilot format. Also, around 20 teachers from seven Etecs and one Technology College (Fatec) participated in a training promoted by AWC to expand knowledge on entrepreneurship, business modeling and mentoring in the development of technology-based products. […]

Monitor’s role closes AWC training with Etecs

Published in July 10, 2017

Last Thursday, July 6th, the 4th and last training of the Academic Working Capital program for teachers from State Technical Schools (Etecs) and Technology Colleges (Fatecs) of São Paulo took place. The meeting was held at Paula Souza Center and it was focused on the role of the mentor and the sharing of experiences that teachers have accumulated so far. They were invited to continue to participate in AWC as monitors, attending to on-site and online workshops and fortnightly meetings […]

AWC Board of Consultants discusses strategies

Published in July 6, 2017

On the morning of July 5th, the Academic Working Capital’s Board of Consultants gathered in São Paulo-SP to discuss the directions of the initiative and possible strategies to expand the program within universities. In addition to the AWC team, the meeting was attended by the Professor and Scientific Coordinator of University of São Paulo-USP’s Policy and Technology Management Center, Guilherme Ary Plonsky; the Director of Acelera Partners, Eduardo Grytz; the Project Manager of DEV Tecnologia, Silvia Takey; and the angel […]

3rd AWC training focuses on pivoting and market

Published in June 27, 2017

On the afternoon of June 27, the 3rd training on the approach of the Academic Working Capital for teachers of State Technical Schools (Etecs) of São Paulo was held. The meeting took place at the Training Center of Paula Souza Center, a partner of Instituto TIM in this initiative, and it was attended by teachers from Etec Aristóteles Ferreira, Santos; Etec Bento Quirino, Campinas; Etecs Getúlio Vargas and Jorge Street, São Paulo; Etec Júlio de Mesquita, Santo André; and Etec […]

Teacher training in science

Published in December 5, 2016

Elementary School teachers from the regions of Ribeirão Preto (SP) and Lajeado (RS) are receiving training to improve the science teaching. The initiatives are carried out, respectively, by projects from the University of São Paulo (USP) and the Univates University Center contemplated by the public notice to support science and technology museums and centers, launched in 2015 by the Instituto TIM in partnership with the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). In Ribeirão Preto, optical physics and creative […]

TIM Tec conducts training in IFSP

Published in November 18, 2016

TIM Tec program held a training on the platform for teachers at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo (IFSP). The event was held on November 17 at São Paulo (SP) campus of IFSP and was attended by 45 teachers from 11 campuses in the state. IFSP is one of 25 institutions from Rede e-Tec Brasil that adopted the TIM Tec software to create its own MOOC courses platform (Massive Open Online Course). The persons who […]

Launch of Mapas in Ubatuba

Published in September 28, 2016

Ubatuba (SP) city launched on September 27th its installation of the Mapas Culturais platform, the Mapa Cultural de Ubatuba. The launching ceremony was held at the technology laboratory of the Municipal Library and was attended by the president of the Art and Culture Foundation of Ubatuba (FundArt), Paulo Wladimir Zanin da Motta, and the municipal secretary of Information Technology and of Finance, Pedro Henrique Ruiz Seno. The event also marked the end of two days of training for managers and […]

About 80 people attend Sesc course

Published in September 23, 2016

The course Collaborative Digital Platforms, from the Research and Education Center of Sesc São Paulo, had around 80 participants in the two days in which it was held, on September 20th and 21st. The platform Mapas Culturais was one of the highlights of the content covered in the course, that brought together managers from the Culture departments of São Paulo and cities in the state (including the capital), cultural producers, researchers and students. The course was part of the monthly […]