Support to attend an university in another city

Published in August 31, 2017

Moving from a city or state to attend a graduation course is the reality of many Brazilian students. The last Demographic Census conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), in 2010, indicated that 29.2% of Higher Education students studied in a city different from their city of origin. The implementation of the Unified Selection System (Sisu) facilitated this change, as students no longer need to go to another city to take entrance exams for many public universities. […]

Investors get to know AWC’s projects in Fair

Published in July 20, 2017

The last day of Academic Working Capital 2017 Workshop II, on July 19th, began with a flipped classroom session. Divided into two classrooms of the Mechanical and Naval Engineering building of the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (Poli-USP), the groups met with their respective AWC coordinators to present hypothesis on their solutions and the tests and experiments they intend to do with potential customers and users to validate them. Coordinators and colleagues also contributed with suggestions and […]

Sales and operation on the 2nd day of Workshop II

Published in July 19, 2017

On the second day of Academic Working Capital 2017 Workshop II, about 70 students from the 28 participating groups learned about the program’s purchasing system, attended lectures on sales and operation and continued working on improving their solutions. The activities of July 18th were focused on refining the products in Design Sprint sessions with colleagues and on maturing the business and commercial vision. Workshop II takes place in the classrooms and auditorium of the Mechanical and Naval Engineering building of […]

AWC 2017: about 70 students attend Workshop II

Published in July 18, 2017

Workshop II of the Academic Working Capital program in 2017 started in a crowded auditorium in the building of Mechanical and Naval Engineering of the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (Poli-USP). About 70 students from the 28 participating groups of this edition attended the first day of the meeting, which took place on July 17th. This year, groups from seven states and the Federal District are part of the program, with 22 groups composed of university students […]

150 students participate in IT-OBMEP Scholarships

Published in June 9, 2017

In 2017, about 150 university students are attending college thanks to the Instituto TIM-OBMEP Scholarships – an initiative that financially supports young people with a talent for mathematics and with good performance in the Brazilian Public School Math Olympics (OBMEP) to support themselves in the university. They are monthly scholarships in the amount of BRL 1,200.00, and they can be renewed for up to 4 years. Candidates must have been OBMEP medal holders and have been approved to a public […]

AWC groups participate in Online Workshop I

Published in May 16, 2017

On April 29th and May 6th and 13th, the 35 groups participating in Academic Working Capital 2017 attended the Online Workshop I. Through online platforms such as Google Hangouts, Google Drive and Slack, students interacted, gave presentations and watched lectures directly from their cities. The AWC team conducted the activities live from São Paulo (SP) for the 1st and 2nd call groups, which were divided into two classes. Class 1 was comprised of 1st call groups, that needed to make […]

Theater, workshops and book on light and colors

Published in May 8, 2017

The project “Light, colors, action!”, of the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFGC), is taking theater performances and workshops with activities related to light and color to public schools in Campina Grande (PB) and region. The project is one of the initiatives contemplated by the public notice to support science and technology museums and centers, launched in 2015 by Instituto TIM in partnership with the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). The actions are oriented to children between […]

New equipment for school in Paulista (PB)

Published in May 4, 2017

Instituto TIM, in partnership with the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA), delivered 16 computers, a router and a printer for structuring the computer lab of Cândido de Assis Queiroga Municipal School, in Paulista (PB). The action is a recognition of the work of teacher Jonilda Ferreira in coordinating the Future Medallists Project, which offers activities in the after-school to prepare students for the Brazilian Public School Math Olympics (OBMEP). On May 3rd, the City Government of Paulista, the […]

See the result of the 2nd call of AWC 2017

Published in April 25, 2017

The result of the second call to participate in Academic Working Capital 2017 has already been published on the program’s website. Altogether, 31 projects were selected – 23 from undergraduate students and 8 from students of State Technical Schools (Etecs), who participate in a pilot format through a partnership between Instituto TIM and Paula Souza Center. Those selected will join the five groups that have been already performing the activities since January, and will participate in AWC’s Online Workshop I, […]

Subscribe for the 2nd call for AWC 2017

Published in March 2, 2017

The 2nd call to participate in the 2017 edition of the Academic Working Capital program is open. Groups can be formed by 2 to 4 students of any undergraduate course, as long as the group coordinator is enrolled in the senior year of an undergraduate course in Engineering or Computer Science and performing the Final Project (TCC). This year, subscriptions are also open to students from eight State Technical Schools (Etec) in the state of São Paulo (click here to […]